Prudence in a prideful society


Mayberry R.F.D

How can one maintain a sense of esteem while avoiding pride?  How can one re-establish his once prudent lifestyle without foolishly losing his self esteem? Must we be boisterous in our lack of virtues in order to operate in this society?

These questions may come to mind from time to time, but they will likely be met with crooked eyes when inserting them into our everyday conversation. Jesus Christ was a walking, breathing example of the answers in motion.  It takes a personal relationship with this person in order to understand the answers.  Submission to something that we have no control over goes against everything that most societies teach their young.  Overcoming that aspect of our up-bringing will take much effort, but it is impossible without the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Pray that God will open your heart to a relationship with Jesus Christ, then allow the Holy Spirit to guide each step as all things start to become new. It is a  lifetime of growth that begins with Jesus Christ, that will overcome the lost virtues that has robbed our society of joy, peace, love, kindness and so many other virtues…